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Eckol: a sea of support for stronger, more stress-resilient plants

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

📚 Eckol is a type of phlorotannin, a class of polyphenolic compounds that are found in brown algae, such as Ecklonia maxima.

💪 These compounds have been shown to have biostimulant effects on plant metabolism.

🌱 Eckol demonstrated an auxin-like activity that result in an increased number and length of roots, shoot elongation, and seedling biomass.

🛡️ It was also proven that seawed-derived eckol improves the photosynthetic activity by the increase in the concentration of chlorophyll in plant tissue, and positively affects natural plant defense mechanisms against biotic stress.

➡️ UKELP is a liquid kelp suspension based on Ecklonia Maxima obtained from the clean, cold waters off the Atlantic Coast of Southern Africa.

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