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pHitness of the grass -⛳🧪- Importance of pH in turfgrass maintenance

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

💡 The pH level of soil has a significant impact on the growth and health of turfgrass. 🏆 The ideal pH range for turfgrass growth is between 6.0 and 7.0. 1️⃣ If the soil is too acidic (below 6.0) or too alkaline (above 7.0), it can affect the availability of essential nutrients required for the growth of healthy turfgrass. 2️⃣ Soil pH at 5.5 or above to minimize soluble aluminium and excessive Mn concentration (which both can be toxic to roots). 3️⃣ Too low pH can negatively affect soil bacteria activity and microbial-dependent nutrient (especially N) cycling. 4️⃣ Too high pH can lead to problems associated with sodic soil formation. 🎯 Maintaining the right soil pH, along with the proper management of soil compaction, water availability, oxygenation and nutrient availability, can help ensure that turfgrass remains healthy and vibrant. Source: Carrow, R. N. 1995. Soil testing for fertilizer recommendations. Golf Course Management 63(11):p. 61-68.

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