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Maximal benefits of Ecklonia maxima 🌿✨

📚 Ecklonia maxima is a brown algae species that grows abundantly on the west coast of South Africa. It is a source material used in the production of alginate, animal feed, nutritional supplements as well as fertilizer & biostimulants formulations.

📌 Kelp extract contains a range of beneficial ingredients:

✔️ phytohormones (auxins, cytokines, gibberellins, jasmonic and abscisic acids),

✔️ polysaccharides: e.g. alginic acids, fucoidan,

✔️ pigments: e.g. fucoxanthin,

✔️ antioxidants: phenols & phlorotannins,

✔️ amino acids,

✔️ macro- and microelements.

💡 Ecklonia maxima extracts, due to their confirmed biostimulating properties, are promising compounds for sustainable farming practices. It elicits multiple beneficial responses in crops including improved root and shoot growth, higher yield potential and improved resistance to abiotic and biotic stresses.

🔍 UKELP - is an Ecklonia maxima-based liquid suspension acting as an efficient soil conditioner and booster of a crop field performance.

📷 Image: Summary of the characteristics of Ecklonia maxima extracts.

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